Vision & Mission of the Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) Program

The Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) Program recognizes and mentors emergent global scholars dedicated to continuing research and development of their profession, passionate about serving local and global communities, and chosen for their innovative and interdisciplinary approach, active participation and contribution to active and healthy living strategies.


To empower people worldwide to advocate and live healthy active lifestyles.

Mission Statement

To serve as ambassadors of change to educate and empower children, adults and groups of special needs globally with holistic, innovative, evidence-based, cultural-sensitive and enjoyable solutions designed for improved health status and quality of life.

Future Leaders / Volunteers (FLV)

/Dr.%20Mariana%20TUDOR%20(Romania)%20–%20Senior%20Team%20Leader%20&%20Senior FLV
Dr. Mariana TUDOR (Romania) – Senior Team Leader & Senior FLV
International Chairperson, WCFLV 2019 Lecturer, Department of Medical Assistance and Physical Therapy, University of Pitesti
Dr. Dané COETZEE (South Africa) - Senior FLV
National Chairperson, WCFLV 2019 Assoc. Professor in Human Movement Science School for Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science (PHASRec) North-West University-Potchefstroom
Dr. Elena CARRILLO (Spain) - Team Leader& Senior FLV
Assoc. Professor in Sports Nutrition, Sociology & Community Nutrition Faculty of Health Science Universitat Ramon Llull
Dr. Biljana POPESKA (Macedonia)-Senior FLV
Assoc. Professor in Methodic of Physical Education GoceDelcev University-Stip
Callum BÜHLER (Switzerland)
Research assistant, Department of Biomechanics, Kinesiology and ComputerScience in Sport, University of Vienna
Dr.Bijen FILIZ (Turkey)
Assist. Professor, Department of Training Education University of Kocatepe, Campus of Ahmet NecdetSezer, Afyon, Turkey
Çiçek DUMAN (Turkey)
Administrative Assistant, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Bahcesehir University
Dr.Agata KORCZ (Poland)
Junior Lecturer
University School of Physical Education - Poznań
Mesut KARLIK (Turkey) - Senior FLV
MSc Student in Physical Education and Sports, İstanbul University
Dr. Garry KUAN (Malaysia) – Senior FLV
Lecturer, Exercise and Sports Science Programme School of Health Sciences, UniversitiSains Malaysia, Malaysia.
Antonin KUBAN (Czech Republic)-Senior FLV
Ph.D. Student in Physical Education and Sports Charles University- Prague PE Teacher and Trainer Co-owner, Co-founder Kindergarten HOUSENKA & IMAGO School
Mona Liza MAGHANOY (Philippines)
MA Student in Psychology Instructor, Department of Sport Science College of Human Kinetics University of the Philippines-Diliman
Dr.Zorniza MLADENOVA (Bulgaria)-Senior FLV
President of Association of Touristic Animatours PhD in Leisure, Sport Animation & Tourism National Sports Academy “VasilLevski”
Tholumusa Favoured MLALAZI (Zimbabwe)
MSc Student in Exercise and Sports Science Kenyatta University, Kenya
Dr. Nursyuhada MOHD SUKRI (Malaysia)
Lecturer in Exercise Physiology Academy of Fitness Defence, National Defence University, Malaysia
Dr.Sunday Olawale ONAGBIYE (Nigeria)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Sport, Recreation & Exercise Science University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Cheo, NG YEW (Singapore)
Physical Education & Sports Science, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Larissa Cavalcante Pires (Brazil)
MSc Student in Health Sciences Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Ph.D. Student in Physical Activity and Sport Science Research Group on Health, Physical Activity and Sport Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Science Universitat Ramon Llull
Michelle SLUNECKO(Luxembourg)
Research Assistant, Department of Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Computer Science in Sport, University of Vienna
Dr. Susannah STEVENS (Susie) (New Zealand )
Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ) Lead Advisor College of Education, Health and Human Development University of Canterbury